Diorama Blitz Buildings and Levelling Thinner

Diorama Blitz

Bring the scale realism of your diorama or base to a new level with the war torn buildings brought to us by Diorama Blitz. The walls and base are made of hydrocal, a durable plaster compound, and come with laser cut wood detail parts that can be weathered or damaged to help you realize your vision. Depending on the scene you choose you will also find in-scale shattered glass for windows and printed materials like posters. The hydrocal parts assemble and glue easily and all the surfaces are very easy to paint. Come in to Hornet Hobbies check them out!

Diorama Blitz components

In other great news Mr. Color Leveling Thinner is back in stock! If you have not used it, you have probably heard Dave swear by it for thinning paints (especially Tamiya) for airbrushing.

Mr. Color Leveling Thinner