New Products and Michael Rinaldi Videos

Modelcollect and Mission Model Paints

Modelcollect kits and Mission Model Paints

There are two new product lines at Hornet Hobbies that you should check out: Mission Model Paints and a new kit manufacturer from China, Modelcollect.

Mission Model Paints are new to the market and promise to be revolutionary by delivering a non-toxic, odor free paint made from higher grade materials at a comparative, if not equivalent price. Learn more here.

Modelcollect is a Chinese manufacturer founded in 2012. We recently had a chance to order a significant selection of their growing 1/72 scale catalogue. Their kits are a mix of modern and WWII armour. They have tried to stand out by releasing paper panzer and missile launching vehicles that only existed on the drawing boards. The kits are detailed and most, if not all, come with decals, photo etch and metal barrels (when appropriate).

Michael Rinaldi Video Tutorials

Michael Rinaldi tutorials

Michael Rinaldi visited Toronto and gave us three days of seminars at Hornet Hobbies and at the Torcan show. On the fourth day Mike sat down in front of (Barbakan) Robert's camera and recorded several excellent video tutorials. See them here!

While you're there don't miss the new videos on the Tutorial page, especially the series with Dave Forest!